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Who is better educated?

Who Is Better Educated?

Aisha Spaulding graduated high school in 2002. She attended FIT in New York for 1 year. She spent 3 months studying yoga in India. She was a dancer on a Caribbean Cruise ship for 4 months. She teaches bikram yoga and works in a raw food restaurant in Santa Monica. She plans to produce and distribute a line of Yoga instructional videos.

Lavinia Brooks graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2006. She went without work for 18 months. Her student loans were close to $42,000. She took part in a Teach for America boot camp and now teaches special education in a D.C. charter school. She says she likes her job but is considering returning to school and studying marketing.

Schools, Airports, Prisons ... The Same Thing. Fight The NWO. Educate Privately.

Compulsory Schooling Manufactures Employees and Soldiers. Educate Privately.

Is this really the institution or the student? Why are we blaming the institution when the student suppose to have the initiative to teach themselves instead of trying to be taught?

I cannot say for certain that I can educate myself better not being at an institution of higher learning because it boils down to information and resources. It should be assumed that a college would have more information and resources than my own homemade education program.

Second, in the real world I'm looking at Africans, Indians, Brazilians and Eastern Europeans learning from collaborations and information gathering to advance in today global economy. Then I look at the paper and see unemployed educated African-Americans standing in a job fair line touting their education and credentials...
John Taylor Gatto said ...
Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents. The whole blueprint of school procedure is Egyptian, not Greek or Roman. It grows from the theological idea that human value is a scarce thing, represented symbolically by the narrow peak of a pyramid.

In 30 years of teaching kids rich and poor I almost never met a learning disabled child; hardly ever met a gifted and talented one either.

Like all school categories, these are sacred myths, created by human imagination. They derive from questionable values we never examine because they preserve the temple of schooling.

That’s the secret behind short-answer tests, bells, uniform time blocks, age grading, standardization, and all the rest of the school religion punishing our nation. There isn’t a right way to become educated; there are as many ways as fingerprints.

We don’t need state-certified teachers to make education happen—that probably guarantees it won’t. How much more evidence is necessary?

Good schools don’t need more money or a longer year; they need real free-market choices, variety that speaks to every need and runs risks. We don’t need a national curriculum or national testing either. Both initiatives arise from ignorance of how people learn or deliberate indifference to it. I can’t teach this way any longer. If you hear of a job where I don’t have to hurt kids to make a living, let me know. Come fall I’ll be looking for work.
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Plantation Schools Stunt The Individuals Ability To Think Independently of The Plantation. Schools Are Designed To Create A Class of People Dependent Upon The State

Uneducated people staying in school and "graduating" uneducated is going to lead to the same outcomes as uneducated people dropping out of school and staying uneducated.—Cadeveo

You have no empirical evidence to support that statement. — Makheru Bradley

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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Improve Your Education - Drop Out of School
Weapons of Mass Instruction

John Taylor Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction focuses on mechanisms of compulsory schooling which cripple imagination and discourage critical thinking.

Here is a demonstration that the harm school inflicts is quite rational and deliberate. The real function of pedagogy is to render the common population manageable, remove the obligation of child care from adult workers so they are free to fuel the industrial economy and to train the next generation into subservient obedience to the state.

John Gatto shows us that Ivy League schools do not produce the most successful graduates, some of the world’s richest entrepreneurs are high school drop outs and Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie didn’t finish elementary school. An education matters desperately, but spending a fortune on college fees will not get you one.

Filled with examples of people who have escaped the trap of compulsory schooling, Weapons of Mass Instruction shows us realization of personal potential is not possible within the system of compulsory schooling. That requires a different way of growing up and learning, one Gatto calls “open source learning. ” In chapters such as “A Letter to Kristina, my Granddaughter”; “Fat Stanley”; and “Walkabout: London”, Gatto gives us a window into a different reality.

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