Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Were We All Kunta Kinte? Or Are We Also Mansa Musa?

First of all I regret not taking more time to work on my Black history blog. Lets get rolling with debunking history in trying to generalize that our black history is one of slavery only. The truth could not be further from that. We are from kings and queens and white america and Jewish ship owners from the pass have agreed that never should the black man learn of his native land . White america has allot riding on keeping blacks in inferior positions for no sons and daughters of kings and queens would settle for anything lest than there throne in the kingdom.

I have no problem with black-history  in america, and agree it should be taught . What I do have problem is that white america dictating when our black history is too have begun. Black history  goes back to Africa , and did Not began in america. How many times can we learn about Rose parks , Malcolm X , Martin Luther King? These individuals are from kings and queens in Africa .America is hell bound in keeping American blacks angry and confused in which they never accomplish there goals.


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